I sit here, heart pumping hard in my chest.

I close my eyes and feel the spirit of the Wolf flow through my veins.

Not just any wolf, I am a Beta.

Fierce. Wild. Hungry. And on the prowl.

Like so many others, I belong to an Alpha.

An Alpha, who with one word can reduce me to tears.

An Alpha who isn’t afraid to bare his fangs into my jugular and hold me in place.

I howl with a predatory cry.

A fierce warning to anyone who might come near.

This one is mine. I claim him, just as much as he claims me.

My fur stands on end thinking about others who would flirt with my mate.

I squeeze my eyes shut. The world is both colorful and vast.

I must learn to adapt, and yet, I feel the lines in the sand.

My mind, trained to think one way and yet, feelings are so fluid.

But despite it all…

When he howls, I will come.

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