Paper Doll Dreams

“Who taught you, Mama?” my daughter asked me as we snuggled up on the floor. I saw in her eyes that boredom was taking over. She wanted something to do. It would be easy to be like other parents and gripe about how “kids these days” has it too easy. They’re saturated with technology that stifles their creativity. But I’m not like other parents. No. I’m a rainbow mama! I dream in colors. I dance with wild abandon. I tell my child that anything is possible, even if her career path is wanting to be a pirate.

So there we sat on 70’s shag carpet in this little rental we’re in at the moment, with a sewing kit between us. “No one taught me” I muttered, “sometimes you have to make your own magic”. I gave her a wink and watched her face light up. Her game-boy was charging. Her books were warm with hours spent reading. In these last bits of summer she wanted something different…. creative… and new. “Cover your eyes, sugarbean” I whispered and obediently she squeezed her eyes shut. “No peeking now!” I warned with a sly grin as my hands grabbed a cardboard box I was getting ready to toss.

A few strokes of my hand led to a simple drawing of a cardboard doll. “One…” I counted. She began giggling again. “Two….” I said excitedly. My daughter loves crafty things like me. “Three!” I said and she opened her eyes in awe. She fetched an old pair of worn leggings and for the next hour we sat on that floor creating a simple outfit with nothing more than a needle and thread, and a bit of cloth. It was perfect and we made memories together.


I’d like to think that we all need a bit of magic in our life. We need time to turn the mundane into a special moment. A time to dream. A time to twirl, laugh, dance, and sing. We need space to see the world in vibrant colors, because the world is magical… if only you believe. Do you believe? 😉

See you tomorrow, friends. ❤


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